People are leaving jobs and industries.  What are you doing?  Are you still wishing that the old normal would come back because it was predictable and comforting or are you ready to take a leap of faith and change? It’s a new dawn.

This is all about reframing, change, and pivoting.  As in business during any change initiative it is time to examine what is working and what isn’t.  Here are a few questions to ask.
1. What do you miss from before the pandemic?
2. What do you like that has occurred since the pandemic?
3.What do you want more of?
4. What has this time enabled you to do?
5. What has this time prevented you from doing.?

‎During the last 20 months; , many have lost their way, their anchor, their orientation.  This is what happens during change.As William Bridges explained change starts with an ending.  For most of us that was the end of life as we knew it as we were comfortable with it.  We then go into a whirlwind of emotions and behaviors.trying to cope. We deny, we resist, we lose hope, we refuse to try anything new until eventually we begin to explore possibilities. We begin to look at options and opportunities to see what’s possible. Thus begins our new beginnings.In a previous newsletter i wrote about identifying and planning our dreams That is how our new beginnings start

You have heard me mention Peter Shankman  I encourage people to get on his mailing list and read his blogs.  One of his emails refers to him exploring caves, being 100 fee down and seeing what he thought were cables 75 feet above him. It turns out  they were roots from trees above ground. Over time, the roots made their way through the earth, through the Limestone, and when they broke through and encountered vast emptiness, they kept growing downwards until they eventually found what they were looking for: Water. If something got in the roots’ way, over time, they simply broke through it.What’s the lesson here? Keep going. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, how tough the environment around you, or how much you need to keep moving forward to get where you want to be: Like the tree, roots the simple fact that you’re not yet where you want to be should be all the motivation you need to keep going.

Adam Grant,is  one of the 10 most influential management  thinkers and on Forbes 40 under 40. He is quoted as saying A meaningful job doesn’t have to improve the world. It just has to improve you. He describes 3 ways to do this
Education (reading, taking classes, etc.)
Practicing (applying new skills at home or on the job)
Reflecting (thinking about how your work is successfully pushing you forward, and making changes depending on your engagement or success)

it’s the development of people that matters. Simon Sinek put it best: “We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people.”

It’s time… look around you, take charge , dream , plan, reassess. find your direction. 

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