Do you remember the show MASH and the famous poker game?  The dealer made up the rules for each hand and nobody knew what to expect next.

It’s 2020 and the “unthinkable” has arrived, and it’s not leaving anytime soon. So what does that mean? Well, when up is down, left is right, and normal is history, it means only one thing: There are no more rules. Now what?

Peter Shankman  recently wrote It’s not the murder hornets, or the virus, or even floating people in jet packs scaring airline pilots or fires or hurricanes. It’s not any of the crazy things that none of us had on our 2020 Bingo cards when the year started.

The craziest thing to come out of 2020 is this: There are no more rules.

Think about it this way: If I’d told you in June of 2019 that within one year, 70% of office-based businesses would have more employees working from home than in the office, you would have thought I was crazy, right? But it happened. What about if I’d told you that we’d all be wearing masks, or that the travel industry would shrink to 9% of what it was a year ago? But it happened.

So many rules have changed . Go to an office. Have a boss. Did rules, kept us docile, obedient, and contained?

I am reminded of the 1984 Apple commercial during the Superbowl  If you never saw it look it up.

If the rules are disappearing what will you do?  Are you using digital differently? Are you finding new ways to connect?  Are you drinking more?  Yes I threw that one in.

Have you set up your new schedule?  Does it include time for you?  Have you decided what was important to keep in your life and what isn’t?  Are you ready to start a new business?  Are you ready to have your dream?

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