We intend to do things but don’t because we aren’t committed.  How do we stay accountable and is it just us?

I intend to get back to playing the piano but i am not committed so I am not making time for it.  Unless I schedule the gym on the calendar I don’t always make it. In that case it’s a choice between a client meeting  and the gym and the client meeting wins.

Personal accountability is the belief that you are fully responsible for your own actions and consequences. It’s a choice, a mindset and an expression of integrity. Some individuals exhibit it more than others, but it can and should be learned as it is not only the foundation for a successful life, but also a prerequisite for happiness. Learning EQ ( Emotional Intelligence) reinforces this concept of each of us having self awareness of what motivates us and how we function

Unfortunately, today many leaders, and managers seem to feel that happy engaged employees get what they ask for rather than demonstrating the commitment they bring to the organization and the accountability to their work. We are creating entitled employees with unrealistic expectations.. The impact on the performance of a company is devastating, and  this approach is not sustainable long-term, nor will it help prepare the employees for navigating through bumps or for solving problems.

When employees realize they can impact the company and make a difference in what is occurring it changes the mindset.  They stop focusing on what’s happening “to” them and focus on what they can do within their current circumstances to succeed, and get the results they are looking for. These results will lead to a happier, more engaged attitude – particularly at work – as it will reaffirm that they are the architects of their own lives and can handle whatever comes their way. Once they realize how competent they are, a greater confidence in their abilities will follow..Think of the child who is so excited when they are able to ride the bike without training wheels, or help their team, or get the good grade.  Adults are no different.  Give them the chance to be accountable  and committed and they begin to thrive.

Below are four factors to consider that will help your staff and you be more accountable and committed to your success and that of the organization.

  1. Commitment – Being committed means being willing to do what it takes to get results, no matter what the challenge or task at hand. It means buying in readily to what is asked of them, even if it isn’t in their immediate job description. Those who are accountable are willing to fulfill a larger role for the good of the organization. They take the risk and even if there is a learning curve they know the outcome is what they desire.
  2. Resilience – How do your employees react to bumps in the road ? They have two choices; let it stop them or figure out a way around it.  We all have bumps and detours, some bigger than others  and sometimes we need to stop and regroup; the key is the tenacity to keep moving forward.even if it is slower. When people push through they realize they have more power than they thought.
  3. Ownership – Having full ownership over our actions and results involves the ability to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly Give continuous feedback to enable them to improve their performance and feel comfortable trying new roles and tasks. . As they get better at what they are doing the learning curve is easier and they feel in control and more powerful..
  4. Continuous Learning – Making mistakes is never fun, but accountable people don’t view them as failures. Rather, they view them as teachable moments that will help make them better and more successful in the future. Encourage staff to resist blaming  external factors and, use what they’ve learned to explore new options. Remember mistakes are learning opportunities but if you keep doing them it is now a choice to do “less than’ and not be accountable.

“It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. “ Moliere

What are your intentions for your personal or business growth?  What will you commit to and how will you be accountable?