As you know I follow Peter Shankman and receive his emails.  Today he wrote about your value using an analogy with water.

A bottle of water at Costco is $0.30. The same bottle in a supermarket costs about $0.75. The same bottle in a bar costs $3. At an airport or on the plane, you may be charged $5 for it. In a good restaurant or hotel, it can cost up to $10. The bottle and the brand is the same, the only thing that changes is the location where it’s sold. Each place assigns a different value to the same product.

What is your worth? What is your value in the workplace?  Do they appreciate you and what you do? If not why are you there? This is one of the reasons for the great resignation;  people don’t feel valued for what they contribute.  There is no career path for growth, or coaching/mentoring  to help improve performance. They may be tired of the commute. They are not getting benefits especially heath or retirement.For some there is an element of fear because of the money. Fortunately in today’s market people are hiring, plus there are lots of side hustles to do until you are ready to leave where you don’t belong and aren’t valued.

Workers who feel undervalued are starting to unionize. including Starbucks, Amazon and now Apple is seeking to do the same.”Apple has grown to be the most valuable company in the world,” the employees’ site says.”Why should its retail workers live precariously? We cannot live at the whims of Apple’s generosity. We can’t bet our futures on luck. If Apple’s goal is ‘To leave the world better than we found it,’ then they need to hold themselves to a higher standard.”

What is your value to family, friends, relationships? This is hard. Too many of us have surrounded ourselves with people who may be toxic to our happiness. They aren’t bad people they just aren’t right for us. I really learned this lesson after my divorce and before meeting my current husband. I remember dating a very nice man and after a while when i asked myself if i wanted to spend time with him or stay home and home won it was time to move on.  Then there are relatives who have different interests and beliefs.  That doesn’t make them bad or you bad for not wanting to spend time with them. It means you are valuing your worth and yout time.

People come into our lives for a reason season or lifetime. We learn from the relationships and if our self worth is not valued it is time to move on.Barbra Streisand recorded a song, ” Have i stayed too long at the fair?”  Where are you staying too long?

Sometimes when i hear people complain about how they are being treated I remember that we teach people how to treat us and what we accept to “win” them. If we don’t like how they treat us we need to make changes about what we will or won’t tolerate.

Know how valuable and important you are. Know that you make a difference.

I would love to hear your comments about how you are going to show yourself your worth.