I read an interesting article from PlusDelta Stay at home or return to work. A lot of companies are asking that question. I have had the conversation with some of my neighbors who prefer to continue to work from home as they are more productive and don’t miss the drive or the traffic.some companies are looking at how they can create the best of both worlds.

In a previous e-mail I mentioned how hotels are offering rooms for the day or even hour,( no not that kind of hotel) for people who want the quiet and amenities that  being home doesn’t provide especially with kids. They are also creating safe meeting rooms. Vfair.com creates virtual conferences and people are loving it. Speakers don’t have to travel and attendance is easier.  One conference I was told increased attendees by 200 and added speakers plus they didn’t lose a single sponsor.

We all know Zoom has taken over.in general. One company http://childrenstherapynetwork.net  that does physical occupational and speech therapy for kids is successfully using google classroom and telehealth..  I am able to continue working with clients using Zoom and I was teaching using Adobe connect.  Trystology.com has a new line called cheeky that is a mask with no strings. It sticks on. Perfect for hair salons and barbers and more.

So many opportunities so many potential growth ideas.How are you doing?  Are you staying home ore going into an office or is it a Hybrid? Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Please share your reopening ideas what has worked and what could be improved.  We all want to learn.