We all know about recycling and reusing  now it’s time to reset  as in redesign and innovate.

Once this is over nothing will be the same! A lot will be better and much will be different.  Now is the time for you to rethink what you do and how you do it.

Remember the word cocooning and Faith Popcorn?  if you don’t look it up  Mimosa Rose in Ventura is using that to partner with other vendors to help you create your environment.  They have candles , honey products, macrame and so much more plus their clothing line.

Universities and colleges are all on line and thanks to Zoom, Adobe Connect and all the other programs the class is almost as good as being face to face.  Curious how many students would prefer that to driving to campuses for classes; especially students who work full time

Some stores like Best Buy don’t let you inside you have to either order on line or at the register at the door.  If that continues who needs their store they just need a warehouse plus a way to ask questions about products: maybe on line

Some assisted living facilities are giving people virtual reality to let them explore  places and do activities, which has reduced depression.

Networking groups are using zoom and other media we can even do Happy Hours.we can’t literally share the food and wine  or can we?.A friend Mitzi Fierro is an ambassador for Boisset wines. If you can’t have a face to face wine tasting. How about sending samples of the wines to be tasted,  and include some nibbles. They all get on Zoom or other media and learn about the wines. I’ll have to suggest that to Mitzi

Theresa Gingras a photographer is contacting restaurants to make sure Door Dash has great pictures of the food to entice customers.  Christine Cowles of Styled and Staged SB is teaching people on line how to organize and stage whether selling or not but to enjoy where they are.

The new buzzword is pivot and all it means is how are you going to reset and redesign your business? Below are more examples thanks to The Hustle and to Adrian Salamunovic  from the Facebook Trends group

Taking a cue from European businesses like French luxury giant LVMH (which is shifting production from perfume to hand sanitizer), several big US business have begun to produce medical supplies:

  • Tito’s Vodka, Anheuser Busch, Dogfish Head, and other beverage businesses are using their vodka- and beer-making equipment to brew up hand sanitizer.
  • Ford is repurposing its auto-making infrastructure to produce ventilators and medical face shields.
  • Hanes is adapting textile infrastructure that normally cranks out cotton undies to manufacture 1.5m masks a week.
  • Lyft is using its massive fleet of ride-share vehicles to deliver medical supplies.
    Traveller Collective: Clips and necklaces that commemorate past travels. “We have no disruption to our supply chain and have currently not seen any dip in sales.” (Hunter Durham)
  • Aura Frames: Digital photo frames. “… our sales have actually picked up since the crisis and we’re getting a lot of inbound press requests.” (Christine Zalocha)
  • Rainy Day Letters: Send people letters full of kind things other people have to say about them. “Things are pretty shitty right now, and mental health is a big worry, so our service/product is seeing a lot of attention.” (Wyatt Cavalier)
  • Proof Alcoholic Ice Cream: Say no more. “We are seeing incredible growth at the grocery store level and also increasing orders with our e-commerce partner.” (Jenn Randall-Collins)

Above all , stay in touch with your customers current and past and ask how you can help them.  You may find new ideas to reset