Since 20i9 there has been a major increase in complaining. burn out and depression.  It has to stop. We have to take charge and move forward. this behavior is destroying us.

It’s been 2 years. We are all feeling disconnected, Covid brain, PTSD, depression, anger, fear, and more.  We can’t control things, and lost our anchor.  We feel adrift, un-tethered. so we complain about everything

How does this play out in our behavior?  We take on too much work and don’t give ourselves time to relax and rejuvenate. Or we don’t follow through and do the tasks we need to do because we are apathetic. We burn out!!! Business owners are often very committed to and passionate about their work, so burnout can creep up without them even noticing. When people ask how can I tell if I’m burning out, look at the micro clues, such as negative thoughts, I’m getting overwhelmed with all my emails, not sleeping, anxiety, nightmares, or stomach issues. Avoidance clues are a sure sign of burnout. I wish I could stay in bed till noon today. I want to binge watch TV. I want to just go away by myself. There are also the angry outbursts at those closest to us  and oh yes the constant complaining

I wish I could do what Cher did in Moonlighting and slap you and say snap out of it.  Sadly that doesn’t work

We are all going through changes whether we like it or not. As the psychologist William Bridges noted we are dealing with endings in terms of what our lives were like in 2019 and are dealing with new beginnings. To get to that, we have to go through lots of emotions some of which are not helpful, before we get to 2 places; 1st acceptance and 2nd, new beginnings.

Acceptance simply means it is what it is now move on.  New beginnings are how we operate moving forward.

“A wise man once faced a group of people who were complaining about the same issues over and over again. One day, instead of listening to the complaints, he told them a joke and everyone cracked up laughing. Then, the man repeated the joke. A few people smiled. Finally, the man repeated the joke a third time–but no one reacted. The man smiled and said, “You won’t laugh at the same joke more than once. So what are you getting from continuing to complain about the same problem?”   – Unknown Author Thank you Babette Bensoussan

It is time to stop complaining because Big Surprise... It hasn’t helped at all; other than to make you feel worse and more negative. Yes you have lost control on some things but not everything. What can you control and what can’t you. Let go of what you can’t affect.

I go onto Facebook less and less and have blocked people who only spout negativity.  Give me the funny animals and babies or the beautiful scenes.  I am tired of all the bad ” news” on some stations. It’s not news it’s whining and yelling so i stopped watching.

Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining — it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems. — Zig Ziglar

Some things like the economy and gas prices I can’t control; I think about being grateful instead.
I am glad i can work with my clients on line and am driving a fraction of what I used to do. A friend is glad she gets 40mpg
I am glad my husband fixes and builds so much which saves us money
I am glad we can afford the food we eat and the place we live.

I can keep going on but let’s focus on work Do you have a job?  Are you doing your best work for the company?  If not is it time to leave and find a better position where you are valued? Or is it time for you to realize you like your job and it’s up to you to begin to regain your good habits and improve your performance

If you have employees are you setting expectations and helping them achieve them and when they don’t, letting them know the consequences. I heard about one company that was losing staff and had lowered salaries. why would they do that?  Learn what will make good workers stay. Help them stay by valuing who they are and what they do, giving them growth opportunities and rewarding them appropriately; It isn’t always money.

 If you need a little humor think of the donkey

I would enjoy hearing your solutions to reducing complaining and be able to share them.