Let’s get started. In last month’s newsletter I discussed planning Now I am giving you the list of what it involves and as always resources can be found on the website or by contacting me ; e-mail is fastest.

Step 1 Create your vision
Ideally you have your mission.; the reason your business exists, why it exists.  Your mission should be broad and encompass a lot as it rarely changes. Your customer base, product or delivery method may change but not who you are or why you are.  Your vision does change every 3-5 years.; It’s the trajectory of where you are going and includes the goals. It also needs to be agreed up by all involved. You and your team may find it helpful to create a vision board as visuals often increase the success.
Set goals and prioritize. …Write goals and ideas …Find images and words for the vision board. …Sort and arrange the images and words. …Edit and create your goal board. …

Step 2 Create a strategic plan to align with the vision
Having a vision and vision board is a great first step and now you need a plan to achieve it.  Remember if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Included in this plan are several factors; budget, SWOT, staffing now and in the future, succession planning, sustainability, products, branding, marketing, and customer base.

Step 3 Analyze what decisions need to be made
Based on step 2 set priorities of where you want to start. Yes, each area impacts other areas, but not all have the same priority nor do they need to be done immediately.

Step 4 Create a timeline with milestones, dates and and the prime person in charge
The timeline is key to assure all tasks get done  by whom and by when and they are key to reaching the vision. As you move forward the timeline and milestones may change based on a variety of both external and internal factors.

Step 5 Meet with your staff weekly at least to review 
If you don’t have a staff meet with a trusted advisor to make3 sure the plan is on track and is realistic and most importantly has value for the sustainability of the company and for you

Remember a goal without a plan is a wish!