We are all scared, worried, overwhelmed, angry; you get the idea. We have data overload and sadly it’s often incorrect information about when we can get some sense of pseudo normalcy .. There is no going back to what was only moving forward to the new and different.

I have been reading articles about how we handle the unknown and what we need to help us.  Brene Brown’s book Dare to Lead has some great insights.I’d like to share some of the things I have learned

Yes we are all in this together but not necessarily in the same way. Some of us are ok with work and frustrated by food shopping or the inability to be spontaneous about going places and seeing people. Others are watching their businesses that they worked so hard to build, begin to crumble.  Some are frustrated by having to now be teachers as well as parents and trying to work from home or figure out how to have enough money for food or rent. We can’t see our loved ones who are in assisted living or worse yet in the hospital. How do we cope? How do we maintain our sanity and move forward one step at a time?

In Brene’s book there is a story about a prisoner of war for 8 years during Vietnam. When asked who made it and who didn’t, he replied the optimists didn’t make it. I know that seems counter intuitive, but here’s the reason. They said they would be out by Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter and when those dates passed they lost hope little by little until they didn’t care what happened to them and eventually died.  The ones that survived focused on the here and now. What can they do each day to stay strong and be ready for their release.  Victor Frankel told a similar story about surviving  the concentration camps.

Gratefully, we are not in prison camps; although I am sure some days the walls feel like they are closing in. What can you do each day  to prepare for the changes and the next steps.  Just as with the prisoners we are not always getting the best information.  We hear about financial programs then hear the money is gone or the Lakers got $4.6 million ( yes they returned it but it makes us angry that they should have even received in the first place).  We want to rant and blame.

I am grateful we have the internet and zoom so we can talk to our local experts and get up to date information, and more importantly spend time with friends.. Gotta love Zoom happy hours. This is also the time to learn about your business and industry to identify ways to differentiate yourself.  Reach out to clients past and present to see how you can help them. Now is the time to imagine new ways to function both personally and in business.  I am loving having client meetings at home but i learned I have to get up in between and move as much as I can.  Sitting for long periods of time is not the best for me.

After reading the article from Governor Gavin Newsom I don’t expect to see major changes before July or later So everyday it’s my job to do what I need  in preparation. I am creating new content and planning ways to use social media more effectively for me. I even started practicing piano don’t ask… I have a long way  to go.  My house is getting cleaned more often and my dog loves the long walks.  I am also writing my thoughts in my journal.

Everyday get up get dressed do something productive for your sanity and health. Reach out to people just to stay connected.  Just want to talk to someone I’m here