If we want too be successful in our businesses we know we need to market and of course network.  With networking comes the dreaded elevator pitch. Listening to many business owners at the recent chamber breakfast I know it is not their favorite thing to do. I’d like to give you a few key words to think about as you are creating your speech which should align with your marketing/branding image

1.Get their attention.  Sometimes I start with I keep businesses from imploding, then I pause.I can picture them saying, “huh”.  Other times I might say simply You need a consultant if… and list some of the things that are their concerns.  Don’t start with your name or the name of the business; that needs to be at the end to be remembered.

2. Your message needs to be about your audience not about you.  If you are using the word I throughout then it’s not about what you can do for your customer. Yes I used “I” in the example above but only in that sentence not in the rest of the speech. Your audience needs to know what you can do for them.

3 Create a feeling.  Everything is about how people feel with they interact with you  Senwee Bradley   Uses the word Imagine to explain why people need her product.  Connie Shuh pretended she was getting a call from a prospective client and how excited they were  by what she offers.  How are you conveying a feeling in your message?  Relate to the “pain” your clients might be feeling or the uncertainty they have about what to do to help themselves achieve what they want.

4. Free, one of my favorite 4 letter words.  We all want a bargain.  Bob Charney addresses that with a free marketing audit.  If you are giving something for free make it something that has value and can show your talent in terms of why they need to work with you.  I think most of us have enough pens and pads of paper. An organizer i knew used to give away a combo piece that had a pencil post it notes tape measure and level all in one.

5. We often flock to the new shiny product or service.  What are you doing that’s new?  Ani Papazyan  is offering a new program to massage therapists to help them set up their businesses. Do you have something you have never offered before?

All of this needs to be wrapped in the word I use a lot, “why”.  People need to know why they need you and how you will help them achieve what they want. The answer is because you solve a problem they have.

If you want more help with the elevator pitch send it to me and I’ll help modify it if needed.  Free!