In business we make sure we have a clear mission, a purpose,  a raison d’etra, When was the last time you looked at your value that you bring to others?

I remember clients asking me how I knew the right phrases to use in certain situations, or how I could quickly do an elevator pitch for someone I barely knew.  I would say it just came to me and they better write it down because i won’t remember it. I was raised with the idea that if I could do it so could everyone else.  My parents weren’t being mean they just didn’t want me to be snotty or show off or be conceited.  It took me a long time to fully understand what skills and abilities I have and to be proud to share them.

As you know I follow Peter Shankman, who I think is extremely insightful. In his recent email he tells how his mentor complimented him and he didn’t know how to graciously accept it. His mentor told him,  “Peter, I’m giving you flowers. It’s up to you whether you choose to water them or not.”

Peter  went on to say that was such a wake up call. There are people out there who think we’re doing AMAZING things every single day, yet for whatever reason, we refuse to see it. Imagine how much more powerful we could be if we internalized their compliments, if we realized we’re doing good things, if we acted on that? I’m not saying we need to become pompous or big-headed, but perhaps, just occasionally, we can listen to the good things about us and realize how good we are.

Whether you journal or just want to reflect, I encourage you to take stock of all the skills and abilities you have that have helped others in any way. Think about what your clients, customers, friends and family have said about you that shows your gifts to others.  Then, I want you to find a picture of yourself as a kid or even a teenager and tell them all the kudos you have received since you were that age.  After you do that, look in the mirror smile, and give yourself a “high 5”

Keep up the good work! Own your abilities.  there is only one of you and the world needs what you have.