Are your beliefs screwing up your opportunities? Are you an Eeyore? “it will never work!” “You can’t do that” ” I doubt it” That may sound a bit exaggerated but what have those beliefs denied you?

We all have those niggling beliefs that tell us we can’ or we shouldn’t.  Some people fear the changes that will happen if they succeed. Mel Robbins wrote a book related to this The 5 second Rule and no it’s not about whether you can eat something that fell on the floor.

We all have some fears and some are related to changes.  What happens if the new policy, system, process or whatever doesn’t work?  What happens if it does?

I have often heard i can’t go to networking events I don’t know what to say they are all trying to sell me something. They don’t even attempt to go and then complain that they don’t have enough business.

I tell my clients you may be great at the technical skills for your business and have thorough knowledge of your products, but do you have planning, business, marketing  staffing acumen?  Are you just going to wing it?  Are you afraid to talk to an advisor or a consultant like me because you think you will be judged?  Knock it off!!!  That’s your Eeyore showing fear. Successful people know they need to listen to people who have expertise and learn from them.  Of equal importance is testing. Try out new ideas see what works and see what needs to be changed. Just because i give my clients advice based on my experience, doesn’t mean i am right all the time . You need to check and recheck and see if the new concepts are meeting your desired goals. The key is keep at it and take each success as a sign to move forward on that path.  When it stops working you still keep going but you try a different path.

How many of you have worked with a trainer to tone or lose weight? Not all of these programs work for everyone. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step. now  analyze the results. What worked and what didn’t. Be honest. Now take the most important step, use the in formation you gained to take the next step. Let the next trainer know what happened before and what needs to happen now.  Don’t quit and say it will never work.

Eeyore is lovable in his own way but his fears and beliefs are the stumbling blocks to success. It’s time to look at who you are and what you want and find people to help you get it.  You deserve it!