Abraham Maslow lists 5 areas of motivation one of which is self actualization; being the best for you. How does that manifest itself?

Many times growing up we compare ourselves to others and what they are doing often wondering if we can do better..That’s one way to compete and improve what you do. If it is truly a passion or dream we find ways to achieve the goal. Another way is competing with yourself setting a goal and seeing what you can beat. Not only have I done that but I will tell you about some clients and what they did. First, whether you are a football fan or not, Tom Brady is a classic example of this by continuing to do what he needed to do to be able to play and make a team. Kristi Yamaguchi is another example.

The picture is of me boxing at Title 1 with Lisa Oliver.  I took lessons for several years because i wanted to learn something new. I got pretty good, not great but good.  I didn’t have to be great to enjoy it.  I do  what I do for the enjoyment of it. I’ll never be in the ring or a prima ballerina but I do it for me, to stretch me. How many people lose motivation and momentum because they compare themselves to others  and it’s no longer about the joy or passion they once felt?

I have always loved dance. When I moved here I began ballet, which I did as a little kid but not since.  Ask me about the leotard and tights I wore to the first session.Then I did jazz and tap.  Again I kept pushing to improve I was able to go on point in ballet. I performed in recitals for many years and even had a role for 10 years in the Nutcracker, including performing with a full orchestra. I still love dance and now do ballroom and am looking forward to getting back to that.

I had a client who wanted to complete the Malibu 1/2 triathlon; 1/2 mile swim 4 mile run 18 mile bike ride.  I would have been done in the swim.  She was not athletic but she persisted and she finished the race. The following year she knocked 1 1/2  hours off her time.

Another client has her own company and she wanted to get $1,000,000 in revenue by the time she turned 40. She has worked very hard and the end of this month we will check the numbers and I expect she will make it or at least be very close.

What do all these examples have in common;  plans, goals, measures, tasks, support, learning, milestones and persistence.  When we set a goal we can measure our success. We figure out how to achieve it; where to get the information we need and how to create our plan and get the desired result. This is competing with yourself and being committed to reach what you dream of doing.