I was first introduced to this model earlier this year and found it fascinating. Many of us have read or studied EQ in relation to ourselves or when coaching others.  We have been taught good leaders need high EQ.

This model looks at emotions in terms of intensity and opposites.  For many the last several months have been a roller coaster ride on emotions. We have no anchors because unless we lived in 1918 we have never been in a pandemic before.  Adding all the civil unrest and negativity and we have no clue what to feel. We get angry and lash out but don’t know why, we feel sad and don’t know why, and we may feel guilty for feeling happy.or content. The 7 facts about emotions help explain our reactions.  Did you know that emotions start in the body then go to the brain? Did you know emotions and feelings are not the same?

Sad may be that you are overwhelmed and need to prioritize  while anger may be because of a blockage we need to push through. Emotions are guiding us helping us move forward or sometimes not. They are vital to our successes.

I encourage you to look at the wheel and as you choose an emotion learn it’s impact and what you can do make it work for you.