Who keeps you focused? Who asks those questions that help you follow through with your goals?  Who pushes and challenges you?  Do you have an accountability partner?

We all believe we can do what needs to be done once we set our mind to it; sadly, we don’t. As as consultant/advisor I set expectations for clients along with milestones to check progress.  Managers in companies also set expectations and goals to help employees achieve results.   If you are on your own who helps you stay on track?  We often kid ourselves; think diet or exercise or projects that you need to do but have no real deadline. and unless reminded or given an incentive we don’t always finish things no matter what our intentions.

I thought i was doing ok meeting deadlines and doing my work, until I realized that I could be doing better. I first noticed it when I was running a mastermind group.  They were expected to come to the group to report 3 things; what did they do since the last meeting, what did they need help with and what are they committed to for the next meeting. Do you remember those groups Jodi? At the end of a few meetings they turned to me and asked me to report I wasn’t usually ready and figured since i was the facilitator I didn’t really have to report; I  was wrong.  They were achieving more goals than I was. Today I have a terrific accountability partner  Karen Boublis  She always asks the tough questions and I want to be ready when we meet.  She keeps me on track and reminds me of my commitments.  Since working together we are both doing more.

Who keeps you accountable?  I encourage you to have a partner or join a mastermind group. Even going to work spaces where you can meet others and bounce ideas.As Simon Sinek said in his book, Together is Better