Imagine it’s graduation day, you have worked hard to achieve that diploma.  You and your classmates proudly walked to your seats to the notes of Pomp and Circumstance.  You walk up to the dais as your name is called. feeling such pride as you are handed a piece of paper saying your diploma will be mailed and they spelled your name wrong.. Feeling a bit deflated?

Is that how we recognize our employees for their hard work?? I just finished writing my 8th e-book on customer service and we need to remember that our employees are our customers too.

How do you recognize good  work?  I often say catch people doing the right thing and say thank you.  How many of you have the certificate of accomplishment or however it’s worded?  Does it mean anything to you?? It may if it is part of the culture of the organization and given with a bit of a flourish for work well done.  It is something you will proudly hang on your office wall.  The value of the reward is in what it represents. I have a file full of certificates of achievement that don’t really mean anything because everyone got one and it doesn’t really represent hard work or any successes.

What does mean something are a couple of plaques I received from the professional organization I belong to but even more I have some handwritten cards from clients and associates telling me how much of a difference I made to them.  That they took the time to write has meaning; it tells me I did what was important to their success and proved my value.

What do you want to receive to recognize your efforts?  What is important to your co-workers or employees?  Letting people know they have value and are recognized for their efforts is invaluable to the growth and success of every organization