When people thank you or tell you what a great job you did or when vendors tell you how grateful they are for your loyalty do you believe them? why or why not?

Sometimes  people thank you but their actions don’t reinforce that

What actions can you take all year long to show appreciation and gratitude for others?

  1. Personalized Thank You Notes: Growing up whenever I received any gift my mother insisted i write a thank you note.  I still do it today, and  have tried to instill that in my daughter and grand kids. Her theory was if someone took the time to find a gift for you the least you could do is send a note.  I teach my students and those doing career search to send a note after an interview. it makes you stand out because most don’t do it and it is appreciated.
  2. Acts of Service: Offering your help or service to someone whether they have done anything for you can be a powerful way to express gratitude. It could be helping with chores, running errands, or assisting with a project or task. When someone is sick offering to pick up medication or chicken soup means a lot
  3.  Paying it forward or giving back to a cause or charity in someone’s name as a token of appreciation can create a lasting impact. For example, donating to a charity they support or contributing to a cause they care about.
  4. Spending Quality Time: Sometimes, the most meaningful way to show gratitude is by spending quality time with the person. This could involve having a heartfelt conversation, going for a walk, or simply sharing a meal together. We are all busy and we have to remember our friends who would enjoy our company and have fun together
  5. Public Recognition or Acknowledgment: Sometimes, publicly acknowledging someone’s contributions or kindness in front of others can be incredibly meaningful. This could be in a meeting, on social media, or at an event, highlighting their positive impact.
  6. Offering Genuine Compliments: Offering sincere compliments not only makes someone feel good about themselves but also conveys gratitude for their specific qualities, actions, or efforts. It has to be meaningful and specific It also let’s them know that you see them.
  7. Surprise Tokens of Appreciation: Sending unexpected small gifts or tokens of appreciation can brighten someone’s day and let them know you’re thinking about them and grateful for their presence in your life. It’s seeing something you know they like and just getting it for them. Not waiting for a special occasion. Random acts of kindness
  8. Listening and Understanding: Actively listening and showing understanding and empathy when someone shares their experiences, challenges, or thoughts can be a subtle yet profound way of expressing gratitude for their trust and openness.
  9. Mentorship or Guidance: If someone has been a mentor or provided guidance that positively impacted you, showing gratitude by continuing their legacy or helping others in a similar way can be a powerful way of expressing appreciation.
  10. Expressing Gratitude Regularly: Cultivating a habit of regularly expressing gratitude, whether through words or actions, can create a positive and appreciative environment around you, impacting the lives of those you interact with regularly.

Ultimately, genuine gratitude expressed with sincerity and thoughtfulness is what makes the most significant difference in someone’s life. it is so simple