Gratitude refers to the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation for what one has received, whether it’s tangible or intangible. It involves acknowledging the goodness in one’s life, recognizing the contributions of others, and being mindful of the positive things, experiences, and people one encounters.

Lovely thought and we are grateful to the people and circumstances that have guided us to where we are now


Let’s look at the word Thanksgiving. It’s thanks and giving.  It’s time to talk about the giving part of the word. How did others help you and how can you either acknowledge the gift or even better pay it forward?

Simple gifts can encompass a wide range of actions.

  • Smiling at others during your day and offering compliments to complete strangers.
  • Providing advice to help solve a problem or ease fear. A colleague wanted both advice and reassurance about a procedure she was having and that I had.  By telling her my story and what i learned she was much more in control and had a better understanding of the process
  • Tutoring; giving help with homework, teaching how to write a resume, showing someone how to fix something.
  • Offering a service. working at a food bank or organizations like Habitat for Humanity, baby or adult sitting so caregivers can have time and so much more
  • When a friend seems to need help, don’t wait to be asked offer the help in any way including just listening

Why is the giving as important as the thanks?

  • Mental health it makes you feel good to give and know that you can positively affect someone
  • Enhanced Relationships: Giving in words or behavior  can strengthen relationships. When we show appreciation for others, it fosters positive feelings and can deepen connections, whether in personal or professional settings.
  • Generosity and Empathy: Grateful and giving  people tend to be more generous and empathetic, as they recognize the contributions and kindness of others in their lives.

Practicing thanks and giving involves more than just saying “thank you.” or how can I help. It’s all the little things you do daily to show others they matter and you care. Expressing appreciation to others, and being present and mindful of positive moments in daily life can change your mindset and theirs