The LA Times recently published Inspirational Women.  All of them were owners, CEOs or high level.  It got me thinking about who inspires and motivates me  mentally and/or emotionally. Who do you inspire?

One of the people who inspired me was my mother and it didn’t happen when I was growing up but rather as an adult, truly observing what she did.  She was the consummate volunteer; knitting socks for “the Boys” as she called the soldiers in Vietnam, or leading several women’s groups.  Her biggest volunteering was transcribing braille.  She transcribed over 1 million ink pages and received a gold charm with 6 diamonds from the Library of Congress. to replicate the braille alphabet, Her paid job was the executive director of a temple.  Despite a difficult childhood  she continuously strived to expand her knowledge in many areas; an avid reader and learner, loved all kinds of music, and was amazing at knitting and crocheting and developing new crafts.

I am inspired by the fortitude of many of my clients who started businesses because they had a dream.  Some dealt with severe personal issues but they were persistent and have succeeded and they  reach new heights.  They share their knowledge with others and offer support as they continue their journeys.

Maya Angelou is one of the more famous people who inspires me My favorite quote of hers is when you know better you do better It reinforces the need to continue to learn and grow.I am also inspired by Wayne Dyer and Joseph Campbell; their beliefs and teachings.

I am inspired by people who choose careers that help others from first responders to the military.

There are friends and family who are dealing with illness or loss and still persevere and help others.

Throughout my life I have been inspired by many in and out of the business world. I was mentored by some and learned from others just by listening and observing what to do and what not to do.

A question I recently asked a client was what lesson they were teaching their children by their actions? How would you answer that?

Here’s to dancing in the rain,  being inspired, inspiring others, and opening the door to new ways of enjoying life.