In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.. Albert Einstein As I meet with clients by phone or Zoom, we recognize that nothing will be the same again.  Some are depressed by this; some scared, some excited.  wherever you are and whether you work for a company or have a company, it’s time to rethink our futures.

Now is the time to truly look at your industry and what we continue to do because that’s the way we always did it.  My first change is how I connect with clients and how I teach. Using online programs I still see my clients face to face or by phone.  We still share information that we can simultaneously see.  My classes are still interactive.which is a big sell for me.  I need to hear directly from my students and share ideas.

Several companies i know are addressing issues and ways to solve them:

Seeag a company that works with farmers in Ventura and SB counties is connecting farmers with people in need of the food and getting food donated to families, But more than that they are teaching people how to grow victory gardens ,  and they are looking into a program to plant fig and olive trees at schools and other areas that lost vegetation during the fires

Children’s Therapy Network is developing programs using on line platforms for their clients who need speech, physical or occupational therapy.

Today UCLA will launch STAND Together During COVID-19, a new web initiative from our Depression Grand Challenge in collaboration with BeyGOOD, that offers resources, tips and tools for managing the mental pressures we all face during this pandemic. The first of several videos that will appear on the site, featuring world-renowned UCLA psychologist Michelle Craske, offers a powerful message of hope and important perspective on coping.

Verizon is partnering with the NY times to connect up to 14 million High School students to digital journalism  and are giving 60 days free access to several platforms for learning including e-books help with homework and more.  Remember how Apple gave free computers to schools knowing that when parents bought the computer for the home they would look first to Apple

A company in Houston is taking an ice cream truck around the neighborhoods selling not ice cream but frozen cocktails, yum

Not sure about Online reviews? Check out Botto Bistro and how they used Yelp to their advantage with one star reviews.

Coffee with Bette  of http://Balanced has been an institution in Westlake now putting it on line she has attendees from other states as well as a broader local range She also does Balanced Parenting University and book clubs.

Now is the time to really examine what is working and what isn’t and change the “what isn’t”  It doesn’t have to be major or expensive.  A therapist that does therapy painting parties is sending out the paint kits and having the party on line.  Imagine if your favorite restaurant offered recipes of their dishes and maybe sent the ingredients.

I would love to hear about your successes and will share them if you like.