Ok, how many of you set a goal for this year or even the decade to have better balance between  work, family, friends, community and most importantly what you enjoy even doing nothing?

I read an interesting article from Harvard Business Review that says it starts with managers.Perhaps in some organizations it is setting the culture that respects and honors the ability to spend time outside.  In the last paragraph  they say it happens at an individual level. They also state Once we begin to value our leisure time, we will more easily be able to find balance between — and separate — who we are at work and who we are outside of the office. We need to start viewing free time as time for rest, recharge, and the cultivation of new skills and interests, some of which may eventually benefit our work roles as well

.I agree with that because if we don’t value our personal time who will? When I first started Training Solutions 20 + years ago I said Monday morning to Friday afternoon is work nights and weekends are mine unless I choose to do work. That has changed a bit especially since I remarried 5 years ago. I may take an afternoon or day off just because and when I do I feel rejuvenated and may have new ideas.

I remember a company I worked for that didn’t value the balance or think that to be a better employee all facets of the person had to be respected; who they were in the workplace and outside.   I was a high level director and quickly learned that although the hours were 9-5 I was expected to stay later, even if I had nothing to do. I often went out for walks during the day especially when the weather was nice. Yes, I know in CA that is often. Several thought I was wasting time until they started joining me telling me how refreshed they felt and re-energized.The sad observation was that the majority of people there did not laugh a lot or seem to enjoy being there.

If balance is a priority for you the question becomes are you working in the best place for you to achieve the balance you want? Who is responsible for the balance you or the manager?

I welcome your thoughts.