Thanks to Marie Kondo many of us have begun looking at our “things” (George Carlin did a great routine) What do we keep what do we need what is sentimental?  I am pretty good about clothes whatever comes in equal numbers go out and  donating to the Vietnam Vets.

I am redoing my office and had to move all of the “stuff”  I was frustrated at the thoughts of not finding things but so far that has been minimal.   My office wasn’t cluttered but I saved way too many things for too long.  I first started with files; getting rid of handouts that are digital now or out of date., then client files of those I haven’t seen in years and will not be seeing again. I even had an old Rolodex and reconnected with a couple of people on LinkedIn. Now it was time to tackle the drawers;  that was a trip down memory lane.  Some of the things I saved; thank you notes, old cards, pictures brought back lots of memories and some meant nothing. Then there were the cutsie  things from trips..The Book Cellar at the Agoura Library got 2 crates and several bags of books.

I wasn’t done yet.  Sitting at my desk in the middle of the renovation, painting and new floor, I am realizing what I need to move forward and what things are nice to keep and what empty space I need for the new projects. Don’t forget to clean out old e-mails and files on the computer as well.

I like this quote “Love people, use things. The opposite never works.” The Minimalist

When we let go of items from the past it will free us for the future. It allows us to appreciate and enjoy what we have; to feel gratitude.  I remember moving from my other house to this one which was a downsize.  I realized I  had stuff in cabinets because I had the space and didn’t see the things.  I had to get rid of the idea I’ll use it someday. .If it has served its purpose, let it go. I still remember how I felt leaving my first house. and being told it’s just a house I have the memories and what is important to take with me.

I  still have many “things” and as I continue to purge, the things I keep have more and more value to my work and personal life.

It may not be spring but it is time for rebirth and renewal.  Don’t wait to remodel to de-clutter.. If you are having trouble moving forward in your life or feel stuck, try doing even a little spring cleaning.  Remember you eat the elephant one bite at a time.  Not only will you have space in your home or office but you begin to realize that it allows your mind the space it needs to move forward in your life. You will become more grateful for what you already have and it will help reveal your passions.