Do you remember how Amazon started? it was the “earth’s biggest bookstore”. Several chains closed; Barnes and Noble rethought what and how it delivered product. That was 24 years ago. My how Amazon has changed as has the internet.  You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future but if you choose to do a practice called Scrying which allows you to see images in  smoke, the following tells you what the smoke may foretell.

Blue clouds: Success in career or business
Gold clouds: Prosperity, increase in cash flow, and renewed romance
Green clouds: Improved health and happiness
Orange clouds: Troubled emotions, blockages, frustrations, and anger
Red clouds: Potential danger
White clouds: Good fortune on the horizon
Yellow clouds: Obstacles in the way
Gray/Dark gray: Misfortune, warning
Black clouds: Warning, potential danger

In business today the signs are all around you and you don’t need smoke to see them. Amazon is a personalized marketing company It learns what you like and reminds you when it’s time to reorder. Many other online companies are using similar methods. What can you do with your company, with your job, with your entrepreneurial venture that may seem disconnected today – but could easily change the world tomorrow? Are you looking for the value? If not, can you change your perspective? Wayne Dyer said when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

It’s very easy to follow the leader if they are making money. The question is if their customers are happy with them why would they switch to you? Blue Ocean strategies looks at differentiation finding new ways to attract your target market and gain loyal followers.

Think of the trends that developed during the pandemic; restaurants that not only delivered but would do take our cocktails  What about Lyft, Uber, Door dash or mobile dog groomers?  People go online to buy specific items and are less inclined to peruse and purchase something that caught their eye. Kim Hayes of Maison K has a newsletter that not only describes the items but tells about where in Europe they are from and often includes pictures of the people who made the products. The pieces are curated to show how they can be worn or used. She  describes  special places she visited. This enables her customers to select products that give them the feeling of traveling with her

Maybe for you the way to differentiate is how you treat your employees to keep them engaged. and more importantly feel valued. There are new ideas out there and it’s not about money. It’s about how they feel. What would happen if you let people take over executive positions for a week or sit on the board of directors?  A fun exercise for you and your staff is to complete the sentence “wouldn’t it be cool if….”. Then have your staff choose an item per quarter to implement

What are the trends in your industry? Movie theaters offer great seats, real food not just popcorn  and cocktails. Stitchfix  is a personal stylist on line. Carvana eliminates the dealership so do car brokers. Crunchlabs teaches kids and adults how to build things and think like an engineer.

If you really want interesting ideas ask kids what they imagine.

Open your eyes.. Look around.. see differently  and think future.

If you share some ideas below others might want to help you develop them