You have gotten rid of the monsters under the bed, what are you doing about the ones in your head? We all have self doubts Quite a while ago I read a study that said CEOs and others in high levels fear that people will see they are not as smart as they portray themselves; think Wizard of Oz or the Emperor’s New Clothes. How do you handle it?.. Slap your self and as Cher said snap out of it or is it time for you to work with an advisor or coach.
As a business advisor I see owners of large and small companies shoot themselves in the foot because they just can’t take that step. They think of other things to do to look busy or they practice avoidance or they hope if they procrastinate long enough somebody else will do the work.  Sorry it doesn’t happen that way.  Sometimes we need to sit down and really look at the situation and identify what is the worst that can happen,or the best? The biggest question is  what stories or tapes keep playing in your head saying you can’t or shouldn’t or whatever message.
The solution isn’t necessarily about therapy although if you think you need it you probably do.  Instead it’s examining those tapes you keep hearing, identifying where they came from, what triggers them then learning successful tools to remove them.  It is often the fight or flight part of your brain protecting you, and if you say thank you for being here but I am OK and you can go away  the voices often do.  Perhaps finding a trigger word or phrase will help you get back on track.  I encourage you to find a trusted business advisor who can help you move through this

Remember you eat the elephant one bite at a time