It’s that time of year. We dispense with the past and run headlong willy nilly into the future resolving all sorts of things we will do. By mid January most are forgotten and we are back to old habits.

It has been proven repeatedly if you want to make a change you first need to understand what you have done in the past to get you to this point in your life.  We know the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.  Let’s make change work correctly.  Start with where you are.  What is working for you?  What do you love about your business?  Job? Life? What changes would make it better?

There have been a lot of reminders in the last few days  described  how to purge and prune while Mel Robbins has a 35 day program to kick start the year.  All of this makes me think about the Jewish high holidays where we reflect  on the past as we plan for the future.

Ok now the tough questions.  Do you believe you have the capacity to create change? You do if you prioritize and select the important things you want to do without overwhelming yourself.  Use the test:are you just interested or are you truly committed? If you are just interested take it off your list for now and focus on what you will commit to. For me I have made both personal and business commitments I’ll share in future blogs and newsletters.

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