Instinctively we all seem to be on a school schedule whether we have kids or not.  We become energized in September with the start of a new year; similar to January.  We are reminded of the clean notebooks and sharpened pencils ready to create new business and achieve our goals.

In summer we slow down because ah it’s the lazy hazy days of summer; vacation time and re-energizing. Now it’s almost the holidays and we can’t do a lot of work because well it’s the holidays and people aren’t working now are they?

As Cher said to Nicholas Cage in one of my favorite movies, “Moonstruck”, Snap out of it!  There is still lots of money to be had, business to be done, and new business to be created.  This doesn’t even include the planning to get ready for next year.

People are still finding jobs, clients still want products, and work is still going on.  Here are a few reminders of things to do.

  1. Reconnect with past clients check on how they are doing and what they might need.
  2. Network for results.  Keep going to networking events with a purpose.
  3. Let clients know of any new products.
  4. Create new products and sell them.
  5. Continue blogging and using social networking.
  6. Review your year-end goals and kick it up a notch to achieve it.
  7. Identify new ways to work and sell

Finish the year with gusto and start next year even better.