What do you provide that separates you from the competition?  As we go through our everyday lives we buy from some people and not from others.  We recommend some people and not others. Why?

It’s not the money, it’s the value.  Well, sometimes it’s the money.  If two gas stations near each other have different rates, of course, I’ll go to the lower one if it’s convenient.  Aha.. the value. If I have to turn around or go out of my way to save $1 it’s lost the value.

What are you offering to your clients that separates you?  Do you even know the difference between you and your competitors?  Do you know what your customers want?

Sometimes it’s not about satisfaction but dissatisfaction, understanding why the customer is dissatisfied with your competitor and how you can capitalize on it.

If you are adding a value to your customers that is important to them, you can be paid a premium for that service or maybe you won’t need to because the value has increased your customer base.

The key is knowing what your target market values and providing it to them in a way that sets you apart.  There is a new restaurant in my area that has truly great unique food at very reasonable prices: several of my friends and I are now frequenting it and telling everyone.   Earlier this year another restaurant opened it was unique in the beginning but the menu is a way to limited and rarely changes and the noise level is very high. Wonder which will succeed in the long run?

If you aren’t sure about how to assess your target market my latest e-book covers that, email me to purchase it.   harriet@trainingsolutions-hlc.com