One of the most important lessons I teach clients is nobody has all the information so you need to find the experts who can help.  It’s important though to make sure the expert understands your business and what you need. Then if the advice is what you need to help your business grow, follow it!

I can’t tell you how many times I have watched people flit from one advisor or resource to another and follow the information for a brief time if that long then decide they can’t be right or it can’t be that easy.  Sometimes they think if you give advice for free or for cheap it’s not worth it unless they pay more.  Sadly, they still don’t follow it.  Ok, so why did you ask if you aren’t willing to listen?

I had a student who asked me for the absolute deadline to turn in work. I told him several times then he handed the work in past the deadline and wondered why his grade was lower. Duh!

Then there are the clients who ask how to do something and you tell them and may even show them. They hire others to verify what you said or did; they still don’t do it; miss deadlines, and spend more money than they have.  Now the kicker is they blame you for not making sure they did the right thing.. Duh!!!

If you don’t know how to do taxes or manage your books you hire a CPA or bookkeeper.  They can take care of what you show them and tell them If they give you advice, to save you money or help your credit and you choose not to listen you can’t go back and blame them for overdrafts or unnecessary charges.

Today’s advice is to find the team of advisors you need and trust to help your business start or grow. Hear what they have to say and follow it!! Take responsibility for your actions.  The advisors can’t read your mind.  Be clear. Listen carefully they may have the answers; really.