The words are often interchangeable and people are not as concerned about the name as they are the result.  Below are the 10 most common reasons.

  1. You are starting a business and no idea where to begin
  2. You were either laid off or want to leave and make a transition
  3. You started your business and are doing well but are not sure you are doing it right.
  4. You keep hiring the wrong people
  5. You want to take your business to the next level
  6. You are spending too much money on marketing doing the same old thing with poor results
  7. You are in a burnout phase do you keep on doing what you are doing or do you fold the tent and try something new
  8. Sales are down and you don’t know why
  9. You want to exit, franchise, duplicate the business what steps do you need to do
  10. You want to partner with family, friends, others and are not sure if you should and what safety net is needed.