I belong to an amazing consulting group where once a month we have very stimulating conversations and I always learn something.  I hope all of you have a place like that, where you can learn and share which is so powerful!

Last night we looked at what we might not know and could share with our clients.

Here are some of the interesting tidbits

  • In today’s market, employees have to justify why hiring then is more economical than outsourcing or using robots.  What are you doing to show your employer your value?
  • Most organizations do not have a succession plan, in fact, it may be as high as 95%.  Imagine the knowledge that will be lost without having a plan. Now imagine what is happening in Europe where many countries have a lower birth rate and not as many new workers to replace the current ones.  How will that impact immigration and cultural issues?
  • Getting back to succession plans; who is grooming the new employees here band helping them with their career paths to enable succession plans?
  • Everyone analyzes information what worked what didn’t and so on, but that is the past.  How will it help you with your future?
  • It used to be 1stto market was the best when we were agricultural and now it may not be best to buy each new iteration of programs especially in technology.  Think Vista, iPhones that needed duck tape, new Apple operating systems. What new bells and whistles do you need?
  • Are having 10,000 fans the best way to increase business?  How much business really happens online and in social media?

These were just some of the areas we discussed and I’m sure you can think of many as well.  I encourage you to find groups to share ideas, whether mastermind groups or for CEOs of 15-100 employees, the CEO Round Table which I co-facilitate…

Remember a brain expanded with new ideas will never go back to its original shape.  Imagine the possibilities!