Yes, I am finally back to blogging:  I have had so many ideas over the last month.  The one theme that continues to reverberate is what is your “why” For me, this began by seeing Simon Sinek on a TED conference.  If you haven’t seen him I urge you to do so.

He describes the golden circle which leads to a call to action and inspires others to act with you. After watching him on numerous occasions I started thinking about my “why” Why do I love working with clients helping them start or grow their businesses?  Why do I love teaching?

I have always loved learning and sharing resources and information but I didn’t realize the impact of that until I worked with Hilary Howard at By learning what my strengths and talents are the “why” began to truly coalesce.

My talents or strengths are learning strategic, connectedness, individualization and adaptability.  Now I saw the “why”

We know that businesses especially small and mid-size are the backbone of this country.  Being able to use my talents to enable an individual to go from where they are to where they want to be and achieve success is fantastic!!! So my why is enabling businesses and individuals to achieve their dreams through passing on what I learn, seeing the connections and resources all around, creating a strategic direction, being adaptable to the changes every day, seeing trends and never losing sight of the individual. It’s all about the client.

To put it in simple concise terms I facilitate the success of individuals and businesses.  WOW. This is why I love what I do.  Having clients say they got the job, because of coaching, or the executive that earned the promotion because of the work we did, or the business that couldn’t get a credit card and now has a $90, 000 line of credit, or the company the hired new staff and expanded operations.  These are just a few of the successes.

I urge you to think about your “why”. Read Simon’s book “Start with Why”. Talk to Hilary find your talents and grow your passion.  As always if you have any questions