I was reading the listings for the new season and several thoughts came to mind.  How many shows are remakes?  There is an old adage in fashion, that says if you wore it the 1st time around don’t wear it the 2nd time it appears; so, too, TV shows.   Who is the audience for Charlie’s Angels and why revamp it?  Was the movie a success because of the stars and the action, and how much of a success?  Did you notice Dallas is coming back?

Why are the new and innovative shows on cable?  You have to pay more to see them and if they have enough hype those who missed them can get the boxed set.

So how does this apply to business? How many of you are going back to what might have worked before hoping it will again?  You are forgetting that the innovation that worked then is now old news.  A derivation might work but not the same old stuff.  More importantly, who is your demographic?  In TV they are appealing to the audience that didn’t see the 1st round but are they the ones who will buy the commercials?  I’ll be curious to see what shows last.

If you are going to revive something do it with a twist make it different than the original, separate it from the crowd.   Direct mail is beginning to reappear and instead of the old coupons, there are personalized letters and unique postcards.  Instead of a mail blast, there is a real emphasis on who might want your product or service.  Yes, it takes more time but should get better results.

As you get ready for the 4th quarter and begin to think about next year’s strategies. I encourage you to think about new ways to either truly revamp what has worked in the past so it appears new or better yet truly think about innovative ways to attract clients.