The other day I was in Barnes and Noble waiting and started reading “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson; it’s a fast read. And although I still have to finish it the 1st half reminded me of several points.

There is nothing really new out there

There is no quick fix

Commons sense isn’t common

Work smarter not harder

And if you want to have a successful business, get off your tush and start.

I work with clients from start-ups to maturity in businesses that are small to corporate and I see many of the same things.  Sadly, I’m guilty of some of them too.

So here are things to think about on this gorgeous Monday in S. CA.

What’s your passion and what will you do to achieve it?

What successes do you have and how can you replicate them? Yes we want to make sure we don’t repeat mistakes, and we all make them but what successes do you want to replicate?

Whether you are building a structure or a business you need to have the right information and resources along with the right tools. Get the information you need from consultants or mentors, learn the rules, and then go out and do what works for you and your customers.

There will always be barriers and obstacles but if you really have a passion and a dream to learn how to overcome, divert or use the  blocks to achieve your success however you define it.