First of all, what does it mean to niche?  Does it mean you have a unique selling proposition (USP), yes?  Does it mean you can only have one market, no?

Too often people think that if they find a niche market that they service they can’t do anything else. The key is to focus on the overarching theme of what you do and the different types of groups that need your service.

I was at an Empowered Woman event yesterday having a lovely conversation with one of the members. She was in a quandary because her business coach (not me) said she had to select a niche, but she worked with so many different groups of people who all suffered the same issue, lack of self-love, how could she just focus on one. This is where the niche goes back to target marketing and psychographics (not sure about what that means check out my e-book on target marketing see the website

The question is who needs what you offer what is your benefit? Your niche is the group that needs what you offer: either service or product.  Don’t pigeonhole you. Focus on what you want to be known for and how you want to be known.

Now let the world know what problem you solve for those that need it.  You have the answers. How you solve it and for which group is irrelevant. They need you, and those people are your niche.