Yes it’s Thursday and my blog usually goes out on Mondays and yes I started one, but.  You guessed it other things got in the way and before I knew it it’s 4 days later.  So here I am writing a new blog; I’ll save the started one for next week.  I am writing about something I teach my clients, setting priorities and managing the work they have in the time they have. Yes, it’s a lesson I need to revisit.

I know better!  I don’t spend lots of time on social media. I don’t check e-mail the minute it appears, but I do answer the phone and I do respond to my clients immediately. I know they don’t expect me to drop everything for them.  When I do this I get crazed I forget my priorities and worse yet I start making appointments too close together.  That’s a huge mistake in LA where we can rely on traffic usually being against us.

Last night was my wake-up call as I was doing work that I wanted to do during the day and week, and staying up until almost midnight.  So here I am today reviewing what needs to be done this week setting my priorities going back to the basics of managing my time.

Divide your day and your week based on the priorities for your business.  Remember panic from others usually does not mean an emergency for you.  Determine who it is important for and deal with it accordingly.  One of my favorite quotes is proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.  Make sure your time is being used effectively and efficiently for what you want to accomplish.  Get the help of an organizer if you need one. is great!  Learn how to delegate and remember you don’t have to do it all today! Even more importantly if you don’t take time to balance your life between work and time for you, no one else will.

I will now start singing “time is on my side”..  If you need ideas on managing time just e-mail me