Sorry to burst bubbles out there!  When I first started my business 15 years ago I made some of the same mistakes I help my clients avoid.  I wasn’t 100% sure of my target market and would advertise in places that were no more productive than flushing money down the toilet!

I learned!  Today social media is a similar format to some of the “musts” from 15 years ago.  Yes, I belong to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Plaxo.  No, I’m not active in all of them.  I have a strategic use for each of them.  LinkedIn connects me to peers and potential clients on a business level.  I am involved in discussions and have joined several groups.  I am creating a presence.

Facebook and Twitter are more social but here again, I create a presence with a fan page for Training Solutions and I make relevant comments.  Ok maybe some of them aren’t relevant J  but it’s again the continuity and the networking connections.  I am often providing information and resources; rarely if ever selling.

Obviously, I also have a blog.   How I use these various sites is all part of a marketing plan.  I identified my target markets and I am reaching them in various formats.  I also do face to face networking, making sure I follow up with phone calls or e-mail, as well as offering seminars through the chamber and other organizations. People get to see me and understand what I offer..

Who is your target market and how do they get their information?  You need to know this before investing time and money into just social networking.  There needs to be a strategic plan.  Just because you post many times per day about how wonderful your product is, does not mean people will buy.  They need to be your market, and you need to fill their need.