I was suckered again.. Shame on me; you’d think I would learn not to waste an hour of my time waiting for any nugget of wisdom or insight.  But noooooooo!!!! I get an invite from a national speaker I’d heard a lot about and I set aside an hour to listen.

I know I have had my business for 15 years and I’ve had the good fortune to learn a lot from many different sources.  So part of the call was a little too basic.  I can forgive that as there was no pre-screening to get a handle on the level of people on the call.

What did annoy me is listing tips and not explaining how to achieve any one of them.  I know a sales call is a tease, but give me some valuable content.  And don’t spend ¼ of the time on the sales pitch!  Then I get 2 e-mail reminders about the discount and the call tonight that I have to pay for.

While the paid webinar might be very reasonable; it’s a group call based on generalities that might be too basic.  I don’t know I didn’t hear enough content.

When I offer free calls after seminars I tell people up front the free call is totally about their needs I even suggest they send me any material they want me to review. The confirming e-mail tells them my packages and pricing and asks them for 5 minutes after their call is over to review it.  If they can’t afford the packages I tell them about the e-books.

Maybe I’m old school but when did value-added get erased from webinars and sales calls?