I was in a store recently waiting my turn and overhearing conversations.  Ok, I admit it I eavesdrop and I people watch!  In one conversation one woman was telling another about an incident she had heard and she was so surprised a person acted the way they did.  The other woman kept saying how do you know and the 1st person was adamant that what she heard was correct.  Another conversation was about something in the news that a man was sure was one way but the woman wasn’t sure but because he was so adamant she believed his version. By the way, I had read the same story and he was wrong on his facts.

Why am I telling you about this?  Rumors affect your business both internally and externally that’s why good communication is so critical.  When you decide to change a process or product for whatever reason, it is imperative the reasoning is communicated to everyone involved.  They will be more willing to support the new initiative if they understand the impact it will have on them and the logic behind the change. Information truly is powerful.

Externally it’s important for you to know how you are perceived by colleagues and clients. Using Google alerts is a great way to see if anyone is talking about you.  Here again, communication is key.  Be clear and concise on messages you send out on social media, but remain neutral in areas that could impact your business.  This is not the place to discuss politics, religion or other subjects that could start rumors.

Let’s face it we love to gossip.  Make sure you eliminate as many opportunities as possible by being a good communicator with your employees and customers.