How do you relax? So many owners tend to spend 24/7 on their businesses; this is how they started and it’s become a habit, a bad habit.

I was working with a client recently whose business was taking over his life.  It was having problems, he was overwhelmed.  He had lost his passion and was just marking time. Worst of all he couldn’t see how to fix it or if it was worth fixing.  Several months ago he had signed up for a trip for just him and was debating whether he should go.  He went and it was the best elixir.  No, the business isn’t miraculously saved, but his head is clearer and he is taking steps to fix it.  So here’s the question why did he wait so long?

He didn’t feel he deserved it since the business was having problems.  What he didn’t realize is that he was becoming the problem because he couldn‘t see clearly.  Do you feel the same way? Do you believe you have to keep working 24/7 that you don’t deserve time off?  Get over it!!

What would you like to do to refresh, relax, and refocus?  Would you sit back and commune with nature?  Would you play with your kids, spend time with your family, explore new places, ride a bike, jog, workout, or take great naps?  Find something that enables you to forget work and allow your mind to rejuvenate the creative grey cells; it will be the best gift you can give yourself.

Many of our great leaders take power naps; others plan “no communication” vacations.  I encourage you to find something you love to do and do it; even just a walk in the neighborhood.  When your mind is open and clear it’s amazing the level of ideas that can come to you.  I urge you to make 24 hours a week a no business zone and enjoy the outcome.