It’s the beginning of a new year and the resolutions are running rampant; the gyms are crowded and diet foods bought.  Trader Joe’s was mobbed yesterday!

What resolutions did you make in your business?  Are you creating task lists and promising you will enter every transaction in Quickbooks immediately; put everything in files and clean your desk every day??  Snap out of it!!!  If that’s not your style it won’t happen.  Get real!

Now is the time to set realistic goals, outcomes that are strategic, and then create the list of how you will accomplish them.  It’s also the time to look at your weaknesses and decide which you will fix and which “just are”. If you are not detailed enough to enter transactions or file then hire someone to do it.  It may take 4 hours a week at $10/hour, but it will save you time and money.  If you don’t like doing something how long will it take you? How much business could you do if they were handling the things you don’t like or don’t do well?

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, even that won’t work from just saying you will do something, there has to be an action, (note the last part attraction). Your dreams lead to the creation of goals and those goals become a reality when you act!  Another way to think about it is thoughts become words, words become actions and actions become habits.  This is not an overnight process, each step each strategic planned out action takes you closer to your success.

If you want to know more about goal setting basics and SWOT I have an e-book that covers it check it out and the others n my website

Make this your banner year set the realistic, strategic, goals and create the action plan to achieve them.  Happy New Year