All the pundits are jumping on the bandwagon yes do resolutions yes do goals no don’t do resolutions no don’t do goals… ARRGGGGHHHHH

Ok, we can stop listening to everyone and do what we always did and oops get what we always got or we can look at what is the purpose of any of this?

Setting a resolution that isn’t realistic is setting you up for failure, although it is the biggest revenue month for gyms and weight loss.  Setting goals gives you a direction but there is still something missing, YOU!!!

When you set a realistic goal that helps you focus towards your 5-year strategic vision, you are setting a direction.  This is all very nice and many of you have written your goals and even placed them in a prominent area in your office or workplace.  Now what?

Setting the goals is only step one you need to be part of the process take action and be accountable; otherwise, the goals are no different than unrealistic resolutions.

I encourage you, as I do all my clients, to set the goals only if you intend to take the next step which is, do the work.  Identify what actions need to be in place, what resources need to be found and what alliances or support need to take place every month every quarter to succeed!

Create a plan of action that you will do monthly review it weekly.  Be accountable and honest to at least yourself.  If something isn’t working change it or modify it to make it work. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” Now you will see the beauty and purpose of true goal setting. Happy New Year new you!