How much do you push yourself and your staff to take one extra step, to go the extra distance?  If you go to a gym or work out in any way most, people try for one more rep or challenge themselves to keep trying. This, of course, is assuming they are doing what they do to improve themselves for the intrinsic value.  Some of you have heard me mention Julie who finished the Malibu ½ triathlon last year.  She’s doing it again this year and already glowing when she describes her improvements including knocking 5 minutes off her time.

When we do any type of activity where we keep trying to improve, it is often because we have a passion for it or an end goal such as getting in better shape.

Can you apply that same passion for business?  Do you push to make one more connection, one more sale, one more call?  What drives you and can you share that with others? It has to be more than money because having it is great but it is only the means to a more desirable goal.

If you are excited and passionate about what you do it shows.  I was at a networking meeting where a mortgage broker was so excited to have found a way to help a client get exactly what they needed, by creating a different approach.  Talk about passion, I want to tell everyone about how much that broker cares.

For me, hearing my clients tell their successes that I helped them achieve makes me want to do more. Doubling income, invigorating a team, increasing clients, or even reawakening their passion for their businesses makes me want to push a little harder.  What drives you to push harder?  Does it show?  Share it with others and watch the momentum soar.