How do you sound on the phone?  I don’t just mean the tonal quality but the attitude you want to convey.

Think about a call to customer service any company and after getting through all the voicemail stuff ( don’t get me started on that one)  you have a good idea how the call is going to go based on the way the person greets you and asks you questions.   Do you immediately get on the offensive and figure they aren’t going to help you so it’s ok to be rude?  Do you get on the defensive and feel bullied?

I try to make them smile and maybe even get them laughing, it’s amazing how that helps, sadly not always, but most of the time.

Whether leaving messages or speaking directly I try to think about how the other person will perceive me. Sometimes I will be very professional and sometimes I may even flirt just a little, nothing risqué.

As I listen to some of the messages and conversations from a few of my clients, it’s easy to see why they aren’t getting people to call them back or getting the business they want. Desperation comes through the phone; so does anger arrogance and just not listening.  Did you know people can hear the difference when you are smiling and not and your voice even improves when you are standing? Amazing!

How do you sound? What is your message?  Record your voice and truly listen. Would you reply to you?