PCH or publisher’s clearinghouse www.pch.com sends or e-mails tons of stuff to help you create the fantasy.  I have decided I am going to win $5000/week for life. I don’t need the millions up front although I wouldn’t turn it down.  So this is my fantasy I already know how I will use it and have visualized as Mike Dooley www.tut.com suggests and as Napoleon Hill describes in Think and Grow Rich.  For now, I am just waiting for the PCH van to drive up to my house and award me.. I can see it all now!

Scccrreeechhhh.  Ok reality time!  Yes, I know the odds against winning but someone does have to win and why not me?  So I have two choices I can sit back and fantasize and wait or I can work on what I can affect and control.  If I focus on the idea of $5000/week I can brainstorm ways of attracting more clients, partnering with others, networking more and just working smarter.

All too often we have fantasies that we allow to distract us from our goals.  Fantasies are great when they let you imagine the possibilities and identify the “what if” .  They aren’t so great when they take over and absorb so much of your time that you become sidetracked.

The fantasies can be as simple as thinking that showing up at events will suddenly attract lots of clients and you don’t have to follow-up or create relationships.  Maybe you have stopped going to seminars, reading business books, or going to professional groups because you think there is nothing new out there. And business will just come because of your reputation.  Maybe worst of all you have stopped going to events and networking and are resting on your laurels. This is where the old adage out of sight out of mind is so key. I remember someone who lived the fantasy of second life and couldn’t understand why their business was failing.

Enjoy all the fantasies. Keep on imagining That’s where innovation comes from but don’t get sidetracked from what you need to do every day to achieve your goals.