I was watching Shark Tank the other night and was fascinated by some of the comments.  First, let me say if you haven’t watched it and you are or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur it is a must watch.  If you are seeking investors it is mandatory. They ask some very insightful questions and if the people can’t answer them there is a problem.

In the episode that got me thinking about this blog, two young men had a start-up company selling men’s neckwear online.  Because of his success in fashion including ties, Daymond John was assumed to be the shark to assist them.  After the two men left Daymond was asked why he didn’t help. His response was they had no passion about the business they were starting.  Wow!

I bet you could name several people you know who are in a business not of their choosing, whether they own it or work for someone else, and they have lost the fire, the desire for success.  How about you?  Do you still love what you do?  If not why not and what will you do about it?

Just as an aside the same way people create perceptions about you by the way you talk on the phone, (if you are smiling you sound much better), they also make assumptions by your attitude.  I have 2 clients in similar businesses one is upbeat and always smiling the other smiles way less and appears so serious.  Guess which one is doing double the revenue of the other.  People notice the passion you put into your work.  They notice how you react to customers/clients. They notice how excited you get about your work and they want to share the feeling.

If you aren’t feeling it, how did you lose it? Are you spending too much time on the operations instead of focusing on the reason you went into business?   Are you feeling there is nobody you can talk to who will understand??  Your success and sanity are important. Identify what you can delegate.  Carve out time to just be, even 15 -30 minutes where you are not allowed to think about work, and no that is not when you are sleeping but naps are good.  Sit someplace outside your work where you can just observe life.  Get involved with a mastermind group to share ideas and solve problems. It’s not a bitch session but a time when you can talk to people similar to yourself and compare notes and learn from each other.

Your dreams deserve to have the passion they need to succeed.  Besides, happy passionate people often make more money.