Does this sound familiar? As the old year ends the last 2 weeks are reserved for clean up setting goals and preparing for the new year. New goals are set and the way is clear for all the greatness the new year will bring.  But wait what happens when the end of the year doesn’t slow down and the new year stays in high gear?

Now new tasks are added maybe new schedules or training new employees and when is there time?  You know what needs to happen you have been so good every year but the good news, the bad news is you have been so busy you haven’t had time and now it’s almost a month into the year. What to do?

First, you don’t give up on being organized.  Take the goals off the wall see what has been completed and what hasn’t, as well as what needs to be changed. Then prioritize what you can do and when.  I realized there are some days that I overbooked and I just need to burn the midnight oil.  But I can not and will not do that every night.  I also make a deal with myself; if I want to do my new hobby of ballroom dancing, I can’t and won’t go every night, but it is so tempting.

I have set dates of what needs to be done in February beginning the 1st day.  Not just work with clients but every activity I want to do is now written down and if there isn’t enough time to do my marketing and planning then some things are readjusted and I have to ask for help. This is where delegation is the key.

You do not have to do it all.  A virtual assistant I met uses the tagline if you don’t let go it won’t grow, meaning your business. I don’t have to enter data or do follow up calls I have someone else do it, it’s worth my time.   All the paperwork that needs to be logged or filed all the other niggling tasks that don’t make money and prevent you from making money need to be relinquished to someone who can and will do it quickly. Focus on your expertise.

Also, make sure the networking events you attend have value and if they are just to be with fun people then be honest and note that’s the only value and besides fun is good!

I wish you a successful year.