I often say you eat the elephant one bite at a time but don’t we all want it all right now.  Ok, I’ve been dieting for at least 24 hours I should have lost 10 pounds.  I sent out my newsletter I expect 5-10 new qualified clients now. After sending out all those resumes I deserve to have several job offers.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful it if that’s how it worked or would it?  There is the expression anything worth having is worth working for.  How many lottery winners lose the money as quickly as they received it because they don’t understand the value?

As I tell any of the clients or students I work with, create the plan then work the plan one step at a time. Achieve your goals by completing each task until suddenly you look around and you realize how far you have come. There is no overnight success. Malcolm Gladwell talked about 10,000 hours in his book “Outliers”.

Practice and perseverance one step at a time. You can do it!  Oh no, I’ve turned into my mother. I know she’s looking down and seeing me write this and smiling that I finally got it. Hope you have too.