I had the pleasure of attending an E-Myth workshop last Friday and I noticed several things. First of all, I can have bragging rights because several of my clients, who I had invited, kept saying I learned this from Harriet; now that is cool validation.  Second I was surprised at how many seemingly successful business people had no clue about target marketing.  Third I was equally surprised about how few have business plans, even basic plans to serve as goals and for that matter how few write and more importantly act on their goals.

If this is a sampling of businesses in terms of their beliefs, I began wondering why so few do the basic planning.  But then I was reminded that I use the same phrase as Michael Gerber about working “in” business or “on” it.  Small businesses get stuck focused on the day to day and think that hiring a consultant to help them create their solid foundation is a nice to have expense, not a need to have.  Yet in truth, hiring someone to guide them at whatever stage they are in is probably a very wise expenditure as trusted advisors or consultants can help business owners see what they can’t see when they are stuck in the trenches.  When we have a direction and can look objectively at where the business is going we are much smarter about our resources and make much better decisions which leads to better profit margins etc.. So next time you are reflecting on the growth and sustainability of your business ask yourself if you are focused on getting more money, or clients,  or if you are focused on building a company.  There is a difference and it is “on” versus “in” and trusted advisors/consultants are great resources.