How did you know that about me?  Where did that awful picture come from?  How did you get my phone number?

This morning I was at a Women in Business meeting and was reminded about the vulnerability of social media.  People post things and think only their friends will see it, surprise!!!

Picture the family B.B.Q. or event where you are telling something to Aunt Mary and it’s overheard by cousin Jane who told her friend Steve who mentioned it to who knows who else. Or Cousin John loves taking pictures and there you are being silly in a bathing suit on whose lap, and this is posted where?

Facebook, in particular, is an open forum that is being used more and more by potential employers, college admissions and oh yes potential clients.  The same way we could impact a business’ reputation with comments to friends; we can now impact your reputation.  Read the “The Thank-you Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk to see how easily this can be done.

First, be smart if you are on Facebook go into your account and privacy settings. Make sure nobody can see your phone number or address except you.  Also, determine who you want tagging you in pictures.  If someone takes a picture of me I’m the only one who can see it and I’ll determine if I want to post it not them.

How do you want to be perceived by your clients? What are you posting about your views and values? What pictures are you posting?

Be careful out there in the world of social media.  Be aware of how you are viewed or identified and how that can impact your reputation, (think Weiner).  This is not the place for “do overs”.

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