I often attend networking events and the most painful part is when everyone introduces themselves. So often I hear my name is and I do, fill in the blank.  Sadly we dismiss most of those people unless we have a need for their services and even if we do why should we use them as opposed to Aunt Mary’s brother or some other referral?

In the last blog I asked you to think about why you do what you do what you do.  Think about how excited you are about some aspect of your work that others need to have.  Now tell me in less than 30 seconds one aspect that will hook me.

I know you can do lots of things but don’t try to tell me everything you do; keep it simple, entice me. Lure me in so I want to talk to you and ask questions.  Tease me, but please don’t bore me.

I tell people I’m a business fertilizer because I help your business grow and flourish.  Other times I talk about making sure they have the best foundation to weather any business storm. Sometimes I tell a quick story.  I never just say I’m a business consultant. I won’t give people the chance to say oh yeah I have one or I don’t need one or my cousin does that.

What message do you convey?? Is your elevator exciting or are people in a hurry to get off?